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A portrait is not merely capturing a person / persons or just their expressions. It is about emotions and for a portrait to be good and appealing the presence of a ‘story’ element is important. The viewer must connect to the pic and it should stir something within each and make one react. In photography Portraits are a specialized genre and not easy to shoot. A lot of emphasis is laid on the lighting which when imperfect can mar even the most beautiful of subjects.. Here the model is seen captured sitting inside a car. Prisoner of her own beauty??


Spiders  are found everywhere on earth except Antarctica. So far over 40,000 species and over 109 families have been recorded by Taxonomists. Spiders are said to have about six types of silk glands in their abdomen and webs differ in the size, shape and amount of sticky thread used in them. They are characterized by eight legs and fangs that can inject venom.

Daisy seen through water droplet

Droplet Photography is extremely tough and challenging to shoot. Here a pink daisy is captured through two water droplets placed on a stalk of  coconut palm to  give a visual treat of beautiful pink and green hues. Lighting , timing, distance – all play a crucial role in getting a sharp capture.


Beautiful capture of  an  Arabic design in Mehndi. A beautiful Mango design with intricate details tapering off towards the fore finger  is brought to the fore by the dark green color of the Mehndi. The blurring of the model’s face to enhance the Mehndi design gives a beautiful ‘bokeh’ effect.

Which is yours?

Whiskey literally means ‘water of life.’ It is made from mashing and fermenting different grains like barley, rye, wheat and maize. It is then distilled and aged in wooden casks. Indian whiskey has fermented molasses as its base. There are different varieties of whiskey – Malt whiskey, Blended Malt, Grain Whiskey, Single Malt Whiskey and Single Cask to name a few.