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Bride – to – be

The day of her wedding is very important to and most treasured by every bride.  She wants to look her best and spares no efforts to that end. The excitement and happiness adding that extra glow to an already radiant face. Here the bride is seen getting her make up done. The chutti placed on the forehead is the first of the many ornaments that are to adorn her hair. This has been highlighted by selective coloring to accentuate the beauty of the piece.

Theme Krishnarpanam: Bharathanatyam.

Beauty of Bharathanatyam

Bharathanatyam is the traditional and most popular dance form of TamilNadu, S.India. Well known and appreciated globally this dance form combines beautifully three magnificent elements - Music, Taal & Bhaava - in a balanced manner to produce one of the most beautiful and aesthetic dance form of all times. Here you can see a group of dancers enacting a piece dedicated to Lord Krishna. The expressions clearly show them mesmerized by the haunting music flowing from Krishna's flute.


Arabic style Mehndi design being applied on the palm of a young girl


Intricate and beautiful Mehndi design drawn on the feet.


Artistic creativity at its best. Deft handling of the Mehndi cone can produce intrinsic designs such as this.

The Future Amir Khan

Portrait of a sprightly young boy interested in dramatics, dressed like a cowherd

Raghu Lakshminaarayanan

The Man behind Photosundari. A brilliant IT professional with many accomplishments – Academic & otherwise – to his credit, his passion for  photography and the nuances related to the art are simply unmatched. Keen on capturing Wildlife, he excels in all forms of photography – be it Birds, Architecture, Landscape, Tabletop, Food or Jewelry- and is much sought after. A person who loves to keep a low profile and let his work do the talking, Raghu Lakshminaarayanan is an asset to any forum and a brilliant teacher who will not compromise on the high standards that he sets. Really fortunate to have known him  – Mira Balachandran