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Silhouette of Painted Stork against the Sun Rise

A silhouette normally refers to the outline of an object or thing with just a black interior void of any details. There is always a sense of drama conveyed through silhouettes since they arrest the viewer’s attention despite lack of details. The most important point being that the background light has to be more than the foreground and the backdrop has to be of a lighter shade than the object being captured. Here these painted storks have been captured against the the golden hue  of  the sunrise to give a breathtakingly beautiful image.

River Boat

River Boat on the Kali River, Goa, India

Kali river connects  Karnataka & Goa. The majestic Kali River houses on its banks Dandeli said to be a haven for nature lovers. This is evident from the resplendent beauty of the river in this click in its varied hues of blue surrounded by the magnificent mountains. A number of activities are offered here for the tourists like canoeing and white water rafting and one can never get bored of watching the beautiful sunset and rise against this serene and magnificent setting.

Beach at Sunset

Orange Hues

Silence is Golden

Depicts one of those amazingly beautiful moments when the sun sets and moon rises. The gentle lashing of the waves set against the varied hues of the setting sun gives this click a hauntingly ethereal beauty. The moon found high in the sky as a silvery blob adds to the mystique of the expanse.


Architecture – Sadras Fort, Near Chennai, India

The Sadras Fort or Sadhurangapattinam  situated near the Kalpakkam power plant near Chennai is a historic 17th Century Dutch Fort. Although small in size it houses what seems to have been a granary and has a cemetery and gallows. It was established by the Dutch for commercial purpose of export and was a center famous for its finely woven muslin cloth. It was subsequently taken over by the British.

Picture Frame

Wonderful mood of the early morning hours captured beautifully! The boats gradually reduced to tiny specks against the horizon, the rising sun getting ready to spread it’s warmth across the sky, the lone bird perched atop a post and probably enjoying the gentle breeze – all go to make this click a poetic one. 


A moment in time captured when Nature and Man silently communicate to one another.