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Sukh Sagar Restaurant – Vegetarian @ Kilpauk Chennai

….for hardcore vegetarians like me, where I wouldn’t even want the restaurant to have another kitchen for cooking meat opposite of “Agni moolai”, Sudh Saagar @ Kilpauk, Chennai, is the best choice.

It has anything and everything about Indian Vegetarian….oh..wait…no..they even have Pizzas, well Indian Style. Believe me – try Sudh Sagar Special Pizza for Rs. 115. 00
We did this review on one of their busiest days and yet their system of supplying was awesome.
Food was authentic, undisputed from its origin, be it idly with kanadiga sambhar or panner tikka or gol guppas
Posting some of the images…


Presentation is an important component in any aspect of life – be it in food, academics, clothing…why even the human form. To the human senses the visual is that which impacts the most. Food styling is an intricate art that enhances  visual appeal of the dish offered thereby tempting the viewer to reach out and order for it. In this picture a beautiful bowl-shaped waffle is displayed. This forms the base in which scoops of ice cream is generally served. The waffle case on its own is quite dull. What has been done here to enhance the overall look is dip the edges in thick chocolate sauce and leave it to drip and dry for a very short while. When almost dry the edges are rolled over in a tray full of colourful, tiny sugar candy balls that attach themselves to the waffle – thanks to its still – moist condition. This is then left to dry and used later to scoop in delicious ice creams. And what have you ! An absolutely gorgeous and colourful waffle ready to be gobbled.


A burger is always a sandwich; a sandwich isn't always a burger.

Does this need an explanation?

Ice Lemon Tea

Tea is a beverage that adapts itself to varying tastes. It can be had hot or cold, with milk or just plain with lime and honey or herbs or spices….the possibilities are numerous. Harmless and refreshing ice tea with a dash of lime is the first choice of many to spruce up after a long day at work.

Watermelon Mocktail

Indian summer is scorching and what better way to keep your cool than flavorful mock tail of watermelon juice, honey & mint. The watermelon juice is filled with chunks of ice and topped with a sprig of mint that acts as a beautiful contrast to the bright colored concoction.

Watermelon Wonder

Juices in general are liked by all for their taste and health benefits. Watermelon juice presented here is a cool and soothing drink that helps you take on the summer heat. Loaded with water it can be had in an undiluted form. For variation try adding minimum sugar and top up with a pinch of salt & pepper. The condensed water drops on the chilled glass adds to the visual impact and makes one want to reach out for one  straight away.