Raghu Lakshminaarayanan

My passion for photography has taken me on a exhilarating  journey through realms  hitherto unknown to me – be it wildlife, birds, portraits, architecture, landscapes, food , jewelery et al. The discovery has been tremendous – both in terms of exploring the outside world as well as realising my potential and challenging it to the full. Photography as an art has made me discover the beauty in every object however insignificant or inanimate.

‘Beauty lies in the eye of the beholder’…..

Many a times we fail to appreciate the beauty around us and it has given me immense satisfaction for offering me a chance to learn and gain knowledge on various aspects of life & history.I believe and endeavor to research & study my subject – be it birds, insects or architecture – thoroughly before undertaking a photo shoot. I only then feel satisfied about doing justice to the concerned subject in bringing out the finer nuances and details.

I personally prefer to look at unexplored perspectives that help discover the beauty of the object in its natural surroundings.I look forward to every opportunity to interact with other photo enthusiasts to constantly evolve and improve as a photographer.I am open to experimenting and look forward to greater learning processes through my fellow professionals.

I work with

  • Canon 50D, 7D and 5D
  • Leica R-8 Camera
  • Leica 50mm f-2 and 180mm f-4 lenses for canon fit
  • Canon 100-400 L Lens
  • Use a Benro – Tripod & Canon Speedlight 580 EX along with Tent & Strobe lighting
  • With Occasional borrowing of Sigma 10-20mm; Canon 16-35mm; Canon 50mm f 1.2; Canon 100mm Macro L; Canon 400mm f.2.8 prime from friends.
  • Use Photo shop and Light room for post processing.

6 responses to “Raghu Lakshminaarayanan”

  1. Shree Padre says :

    Dear Mr Raghu,
    Interesting art. I have a similar piece given by a friend. We are supari (arecanut) growers & are running a monthly magazine in Kannada by name Adike Patrike. Could you please help us to know more about these artists who make this product?

  2. Deepti Baveja says :

    Hi! Ragu you have some great images and moments captured in your portfolio, we are interested in using an image for our NGO Lipid Association of India which is a research organization working towards prevention of heart attacks in our future generations.

    We are voluntary members of this organization and support the cause .Please note my mobile numbers is 9810825399/My husband BM .Baveja’s cell number is 9810825399.you can sms your number /call us today. We look forward to your kind support

    Kindly consider this urgent

    Regards Deepti Baveja

  3. prabhagraphy says :

    Bale, interesting read and photos Raghu.. i thoroughly enjoyed!!

  4. SG says :

    Can I use your photo of Aayiramkaal Mandapam (1000 Pillars) in Madurai in my blog for a post on Madurai. I will give you the due credit and acknowledgement.
    Thanks. Please reply.

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