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Indian Cormorant

The Indian Cormorant is characterized by blue eyes, a small head, sloping forehead and a narrow bill that ends in a hooked tip.Breeding birds have a short, white, ear tuft. It fishes in inland rivers, large water bodies, estuaries and mangroves. It builds its nest with twigs in the fork of trees. It catches its prey with short dives into the water. They often hunt for feed in groups and thus drive the fishes to a corner.

White Bellied Sea Eagle


White Bellied Sea Eagles are found mostly along the Indian Coastline through China to the Phillipines and Australia. Their prey mainly consists of water snakes and  fish. They also feed on birds, swimming crabs, turtles and even bats. They catch their prey by just skimming over the water surface. They have excellent eyesight and usually foray in pairs.They are not migratory birds and usually stay put near their nests. They have a loud and harsh cry that can be heard even a kilometer away.They build their  nests which are usually quite huge on the tallest object near the coast line. They build their nests with sticks and line it up with green vegetation. Usually two eggs are laid. While the female incubates the male feeds her and depends the nest from predators. 


Indian Robbin

The Indian Robin is a small bird that can be seen running along the ground or perched on thorny bushes and rocks. They are not migratory and can often be seen close to human habitats, sitting on the roof tops.They build their nests between rocks or in holes in the walls or in tree hollows. They feed mainly on insects but are also known to catch frogs and lizards especially when feeding their young. Their long tails are held erect and in general they can be differentiated by their dark bodies.

Asian Brown Fly Catcher.

The Asian Brown Flycatcher is largely found in woodlands and cultivated fields. About 13 cms in length it nests in a hole in trees. The male bird is said to give a melodious sound while courting. Here the bird has been captured in its natural habitat.

The Tricolr Manikkin or Muniya is a tiny bird native to India and Sri Lanka found mostly in wet grasslands and moist habitats . The male and the female appear similar and they feed mainly on seeds and grains. They are very active and flit across quickly making it very difficult to spot and capture them on film.


Spiders  are found everywhere on earth except Antarctica. So far over 40,000 species and over 109 families have been recorded by Taxonomists. Spiders are said to have about six types of silk glands in their abdomen and webs differ in the size, shape and amount of sticky thread used in them. They are characterized by eight legs and fangs that can inject venom.