Archive | October 2012

After a dip in the beach waters

Dogs in general seem to get fascinated by the forward and receding movement of the waves accompanied by the roar of the water as it connects with the shoreline. Either they simply don’t understand the continuous movement or mistake it for an invitation to play. You can see them racing along the beach barking loudly at the waves or digging away holes in the sand or rolling on their back. This dog seemed to particularly enjoy its time in the water and time and again would shrug off the excess water and sand,  only to get back into the water again.

Surfing @ Mahabalipuram, India

Surfing is an recreational sport for the bold and the adventurous. India with its 3000km odd coastline is a dream destination for most people who love water sports like rafting, scuba diving and sea surfing. Surfing basically involves riding your surf board on the crest of the wave. Attention must be paid to safety measures at all times. Surfers always wear a leash or tie a leg rope that is attached to the surf board. Proper clothing is required to keep allergies at abeyance and there are precautions to be followed while falling of the surf board to protecting the ears and head from injury. Photographing Surfers is a challenge since they are constantly moving at a good speed and lighting  needs to be perfect to get the best details out of the click. Here excellent use of  back lighting has enhanced the freeze beautifully.