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Sundal – Chick Pea Snack

Chick pea snack – Sundal as it is popularly known down South – is perhaps one of those rare dishes that combines terrific taste and nutritional value. Made after soaking Channa or Chick Pea for over 6 hours and then steamed, this is a favorite evening time snack of the old and young alike. Garnished with  raw mango, green chillies and grated coconut it is spicy and extremely delicious.

Ammani Kozhukattai

Kozhukkattai or Modakagam is a very popular dish in India and generally loved by the young and the old. A favorite offering to Lord Ganesha it is generally made with a sweet filling that is a mix of Jaggery and coconut and other variations with a sweet base. Savory fillings can also be used.


Ammini Kozhukkattais are made of the rice flour mix that generally is left over once the filling or ‘pooranam’ is exhausted while preparing sweet kozhukkattais. Required salt is added to the flour mix and  is rolled into small balls and steamed. After cooling it is seasoned with Mustard seeds and curry leaves,  with a pinch of asfoetida being optional.  An  extra zing is given by adding chilly chutney powder [ molaga podi] and tossing it well [ as shown in this picture].

Some like to have it plain and hence green chillies and grated coconut are added with the seasoning.

Kanchipuram Idly

Steamed Rice Cake


Idly is a universally accepted and sought after dish for its simplicity in terms of preparation, adaptability, digestion and taste. There are innumerable varieties already but you find a new variant coming up everyday. So much for its adaptability to any ingredient / added to it.Presented here is the Kanchipuram Idly which essentially consists of the idly batter seasoned with mustard seeds, cumin and coarsely powdered pepper with a smattering of ginger to it. It is generally steamed in elongated or cup – like  moulds.


Auspicious Accompaniments

The beetle leaf [ Vethalai], coconut covered in turmeric paste and the bananas that you see in the picture are harbingers of auspicious tidings and are part and parcel of any happy ceremony/ occasion/ pooja  in India. No ceremony or function  can begin or  is complete without them and they occupy pride of place. overriding all other expensive articles. The selective coloring technique used here to high light these items along with the gold bangles perhaps speaks more on this point.

Bride – to – be

The day of her wedding is very important to and most treasured by every bride.  She wants to look her best and spares no efforts to that end. The excitement and happiness adding that extra glow to an already radiant face. Here the bride is seen getting her make up done. The chutti placed on the forehead is the first of the many ornaments that are to adorn her hair. This has been highlighted by selective coloring to accentuate the beauty of the piece.