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Pearls are preferred by most women for their simple yet classy appeal. Elegant to accessorize with any outfit, a strand of pearl always enhances the beauty of the wearer. Here the ruby pendant is a good contrast to the strands of white pearl and  gives a rich and exotic look.

Radiant Bride

Indian weddings are a grand affair by any standard. South Indian Iyer weddings are generally spread over 2 to 3 days and full of rituals that are full of meaning, color and excitement. This click depicts a beautiful Indian Bride getting ready to partake in the first of the rituals. Clad in a grand silk saree and wearing the traditional garland,  with minimum jewelry,  the bride exudes radiance.

Beaded Delight

Beads come in various shapes, size and colors and are generally sold in strands. They also come in a huge variety of materials like wood, plastic, ceramic and glass.They can be worn as a single strand or as multiple strands of the same color or contrasting colors intertwined and  held together by a clasp. Beads are also used in embroidery in  dresses and as embellishments on hand bags and sling bags. Breathtakingly beautiful, these colorful strands are a visual treat.

The Tricolr Manikkin or Muniya is a tiny bird native to India and Sri Lanka found mostly in wet grasslands and moist habitats . The male and the female appear similar and they feed mainly on seeds and grains. They are very active and flit across quickly making it very difficult to spot and capture them on film.

Fishing – For a Living

An action shot that captures the daily routine of a fisherman who is out on the high seas every day before sunrise to earn his livelihood. Rain or sunshine  fishermen have to battle the vagaries of nature to make a  living. Here the lone fisherman has quickly set his net in a neat fold and is seen throwing it with great skill and dexterity. He would then continue to wait patiently to  get his daily catch. This is again a beautiful silhouette captured against the backdrop of the morning horizon.

Silhouette of Painted Stork against the Sun Rise

A silhouette normally refers to the outline of an object or thing with just a black interior void of any details. There is always a sense of drama conveyed through silhouettes since they arrest the viewer’s attention despite lack of details. The most important point being that the background light has to be more than the foreground and the backdrop has to be of a lighter shade than the object being captured. Here these painted storks have been captured against the the golden hue  of  the sunrise to give a breathtakingly beautiful image.


Oranges are known for their tangy taste, nutritional value and fragrant peel. They are cultivated in warm climates worldwide. In India Nagpur is famous for Oranges. While most oranges have a sour, acidic taste some can be very sweet. Every part of the orange tree is used for some purpose. The essence of orange blossom is  used in making perfumes. Orange leaves can be boiled to make tea.The peel of the orange is often dried and used in various  dishes to add that distinct flavor. Its vibrant color is extremely attractive as is seen in this click. Here the rim of the glass has been lined with salt and a little soda added to the juice has made way for tiny bubbles that is seen in the pic.