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Pearls are preferred by most women for their simple yet classy appeal. Elegant to accessorize with any outfit, a strand of pearl always enhances the beauty of the wearer. Here the ruby pendant is a good contrast to the strands of white pearl and  gives a rich and exotic look.

Theme Krishnarpanam: Bharathanatyam.

Beauty of Bharathanatyam

Bharathanatyam is the traditional and most popular dance form of TamilNadu, S.India. Well known and appreciated globally this dance form combines beautifully three magnificent elements - Music, Taal & Bhaava - in a balanced manner to produce one of the most beautiful and aesthetic dance form of all times. Here you can see a group of dancers enacting a piece dedicated to Lord Krishna. The expressions clearly show them mesmerized by the haunting music flowing from Krishna's flute.

Bangle Mela

Bangles form a very important accessory as far as Indian Women go. The myriad shades, shapes, colors and material in which they come is mind blowing and when rightly matched Bangles can beautify not only the person but also highlight  the dress that is worn. Indian craftsmen are known for their extraordinary skills in creating intricate designs on Bangles, embellishing them with stones, glass, pearls, beads, enamel etc.

Pink Elegance

Pearls come in eight different shapes – round, semi-round, button, drop, pear, oval, baroque & circled – and can be classified into natural, cultured and artificial pearls. The most valuable and ideal pearls are the ones that occur naturally and are round and smooth

Lustre, size, color & flawless surface are some of the attributes that add value to a pearl. Pearls have been an integral part of Hindu culture and mythology. Mention about pearls is documented in ancient Hindu puranas. In fact there are references in Ayurveda to pearl powder as a digestive stimulant and for correcting mental ailments.

The beautiful pink pearl necklace featured here has two strands held together with a ‘mogappu’ made of glittering a single pearl surrounded by white stones. This beautiful piece is of Opera Length – 28 to 35 inches in length – and is complimented by a pair of matching  studs.

Pearls spell elegance, class & subtle richness. Women love to accessorize with pearls – be it as jewelry or on their dress or other accessories like bags, shoes & hair clips. Here it is placed against the lotus bud that enhances the beauty of the baby pink shade and adds a classic touch to the click.

Paper Art – Jewelry made of Paper

Set against a yellow back drop and stylishly draped around a wooden peacock this beautiful piece of jewelry in green is trendy and chic. A rare combination of three materials makes this a very special piece – yes, oxidized beads [ silver] & glass beads [ light green ] are combined with paper [ dark green tubular beads + earrings hung on the peacock in the back ground ] beads to make this an extraordinarily creative one.

Paper jewelry is light in weight yet durable making it a popular choice among young ladies. This beautiful long chain about 15 inches long with matching earrings can be worn with with varied outfits like traditional Indian dresses as well as  skirts &  jeans and is sure to get you that extra attention!

Eco friendly Jewelry

Red & Yellow always make for  a vibrant combo. Would you believe that this bright and beautiful piece is actually made of foam and paper? Small squares of yellow and red foam are combined with tubular beads made of paper interspersed with round  metal beads to make it an exclusive one-of-a kind piece.

The lit candle adds to the sunny effect that this hand crafted piece exudes. The simple earrings in corresponding shades completes the set that can be worn to accessorize both modern and ethnic wear.