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Shot in Ranganna thittu, Karanataka, India

Situated about 3kms from the historic city of Srirangapatna, Rangannathittu Bird Sanctuary is a much sought after place by birders. Comprising of six ilslets  set on the banks of the Cauveri river, a host of small mammals and a variety of birds inhabit this small sanctuary. Guided  boat tours are available and the best time of the year to visit is between June – November which is the nesting season of the birds.

Theme Krishnarpanam: Bharathanatyam.

Beauty of Bharathanatyam

Bharathanatyam is the traditional and most popular dance form of TamilNadu, S.India. Well known and appreciated globally this dance form combines beautifully three magnificent elements - Music, Taal & Bhaava - in a balanced manner to produce one of the most beautiful and aesthetic dance form of all times. Here you can see a group of dancers enacting a piece dedicated to Lord Krishna. The expressions clearly show them mesmerized by the haunting music flowing from Krishna's flute.

Little Egret

The  Little Egret is a small white Heron with black legs and yellow feet. They are famous for their beautiful plumes  and they feed on fish, insects, molluscs, worms  and sometimes even small mammals and birds. Here the Egret and its reflection has been captured in a dramatic way with perfect symmetry that makes it Picture Perfect!

Egret, Ranganna thittu, Karanataka, India

Rangannathittu Bird Sanctuary in Karnataka plays host to a variety of Egrets. The word Egret was derived from the French word “aigrette” that refers to both “silver heron” and “brush” which is indicative of the lovely plumes these birds develop during breeding.


The Grey Junglefowl (Gallus sonneratii), Kabini, Karnataka, India

A wild cousin of our domestic fowl these are found mostly in Peninsular India. The comb is deep red in color and they have long neck.Their calls are very loud. They are hunted for their meat and for their plumes that are used for making fishing lures.They feed on mall dog fibble, seasonal pulp fruit seeds and hot peppers.

Purple Heron

Purplr herons have a long neck that give a wide reach and their slim bills are large and powerful and can at times even kill snakes.Purple Herons are shy and hunt alone, mainly through the night. They feed on fish, insects, amphibians, reptiles and even small birds. Their colorful plumage helps them in camouflaging them among reeds. They can stay motionless for long periods of time waiting to hunt their prey.

Ibis, Ranganna thittu, Karnataka, India

The Ibis is a species of the long legged wading bird family. They feed in groups and often dig into the soil to  hunt for food items and crustaceans. They are mostly found on trees along with spoonbills and  herons.