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Conch generally refers to the  shell of  Sea Snails that are generally large in size with a siphonal canal and a high spire. Conch shells are used as wind instruments by cutting a hole at the apex and blowing into it like a trumpet. According to  Hindu scriptures blowing of the Conch is considered auspicious.


The Conch plays an important role as far as rituals in Hinduism are concerned. During Poojas and other ceremonies the conch is blown at intervals for a specific period of time. In ancient days the Conch was blown to announce the beginning of a war. They are also used now a days as objects  in home decoration.

Bangle Mela

Bangles form a very important accessory as far as Indian Women go. The myriad shades, shapes, colors and material in which they come is mind blowing and when rightly matched Bangles can beautify not only the person but also highlight  the dress that is worn. Indian craftsmen are known for their extraordinary skills in creating intricate designs on Bangles, embellishing them with stones, glass, pearls, beads, enamel etc.

Bul Bul

Bul Buls are generally characterized by their short neck , a long tail and short rounded wings. Most of the birds have plumes that range from Olive Brown to Black. Very rarely do you find some with bright yellow, red or orange patches. They feed on fruits, seeds, insects and even small vertebrates. They are highly vocal.

Common Tailor Bird

Tailor Birds are small in  size with strong legs, short tail and long curved bills. The tail is held upright . They have short, rounded wings. They are brightly colored and mostly have chestnut on their head. They get their names because they are famed for the way they build their nests. Large leaves are deftly sewn together at the edges using plant fibres or spiders web to resemble a cradle. A grass nest is then built inside this. They can be found in open woodlands and gardens. Very cute looking birds.

The Future Amir Khan

Portrait of a sprightly young boy interested in dramatics, dressed like a cowherd