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Pineapple and Cream layered Cake

This is a delicious Pineapple and Fresh Cream layered sponge cake topped with pineapple glazed icing. A blob of fresh cream and a tiny piece of  pineapple placed on top not only add to the taste but also to the visual appeal of this bright colored cake.The zig zag pattern of chocolate sauce on the white plate adds to the contrast and helps in enhancing the presentation.

Sea Shells..Sea Shells

Sea Shells..Sea ShellsCollecting Sea Shells is a hobby for many. Sea Shells never cease to amaze you for the sheer variety, shapes, colors and designs that you find in them through out the world. One cant help but wonder and admire these natural phenomenon. Most common types of sea shells include the Mother of Pearl Shell, the Ark Shell,  the Script Shell to name a few. Sea shells have religious and spiritual connotations apart from  being used as object d’  art .

Wood Carving, Bali, Indonesia

A simple yet stunning art piece in wood from Bali, Indonesia. Kudos to the imagination of the artist – powerful emotion expressed in a few twists and turns. Truly Avant – grade!!!

Brass work by Aadivaasis of Chattisgarh, India

Aadivaasis are ethnic or tribal groups belonging to particular geographical areas. These aborigines can be found in many hilly areas of India although their numbers are dwindling due to relocation and economic empowerment. They are gifted with extraordinary skills as is obvious from this wonderful piece of art in metal. Intrinsically worked, these lovely products are  made by the Aadivaasis in Chattisgarh. They are now available for sale to the public thanks to the efforts taken by the Government in improving their lot and providing them a livelihood.

Art work on Sea Shells

Coastal areas abound in artistic handicrafts made of sea shells. It helps in people making a livelihood since most tourists are attracted to these to take back as souvenirs. Seen here is a fabulously crafted piece made by the artisans in Bali. Working on sea shells calls for a great amount of skill and dexterity since they can break if mishandled.

Pharaoh and the Pyramid

Pyramids are a asubject of interest for most artists.  Pyramids are representative of  ancient Egyptian Culture and are considered to be harbingers of positive energy in Feng Shui. Seen here is a fabulous creation in glass of a pyramid and a pharaoh

Art in Betel Nuts

The Areca nut is got from the Areca palm and is popularly known to all as Betel Nut since it is normally placed inside  and chewed along with betel leaves. Here whole Betel Nuts have been cured and prepared and painted upon using vegetable dyes.Images of gods and other common designs are deftly executed over the curved surface of a betel nut.

These beautifully painted nuts are grouped together in clusters, hung by colorful woolen threads and hung outside doors or along side windows to ward off evil effects or ‘Drishti’ as it is known in the South of India.