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Sea Shells..Sea Shells

Sea Shells..Sea ShellsCollecting Sea Shells is a hobby for many. Sea Shells never cease to amaze you for the sheer variety, shapes, colors and designs that you find in them through out the world. One cant help but wonder and admire these natural phenomenon. Most common types of sea shells include the Mother of Pearl Shell, the Ark Shell,  the Script Shell to name a few. Sea shells have religious and spiritual connotations apart from  being used as object d’  art .

Theme Krishnarpanam: Bharathanatyam.

Beauty of Bharathanatyam

Bharathanatyam is the traditional and most popular dance form of TamilNadu, S.India. Well known and appreciated globally this dance form combines beautifully three magnificent elements - Music, Taal & Bhaava - in a balanced manner to produce one of the most beautiful and aesthetic dance form of all times. Here you can see a group of dancers enacting a piece dedicated to Lord Krishna. The expressions clearly show them mesmerized by the haunting music flowing from Krishna's flute.