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Arabic style Mehndi design being applied on the palm of a young girl


Intricate and beautiful Mehndi design drawn on the feet.


Artistic creativity at its best. Deft handling of the Mehndi cone can produce intrinsic designs such as this.

Cream Mushroom Soup @ the Bistro, Alwarpet, Chennai

Silky smooth delicious  Mushroom Soup  with chunks of mushroom floating,  topped with bits of crisp vegetables that add flavor and color to this predominantly creamy  dish.

Ginger Rice @ The Bistro Restaurant, Alwarpet, Chennai

Spicy and tangy, the Ginger rice excels in flavor and the plating by the Chef is brilliant. Long pieces of red, green and yellow capsicum lined along the edges of the plate and the beautiful edible flower made of carrot in the center  gives an appetizing  visual appeal that makes one want to taste the dish straight away.

Architecture – Sadras Fort, Near Chennai, India

The Sadras Fort or Sadhurangapattinam  situated near the Kalpakkam power plant near Chennai is a historic 17th Century Dutch Fort. Although small in size it houses what seems to have been a granary and has a cemetery and gallows. It was established by the Dutch for commercial purpose of export and was a center famous for its finely woven muslin cloth. It was subsequently taken over by the British.