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South Indian Brahmin Wedding

Indian weddings are a colorful affair. But they are not only about grandeur and fun filled  celebrations. A South Indian Brahmin wedding has many auspicious rituals with deep rooted significance. Here you see a radiant bride decked in gorgeous  silk and adorned in beautiful  gold ornaments  and sweet smelling garlands. She is about to exchange garlands with the groom just before the ‘Muhurtham’ or the  ‘Auspicious time’  when the Mangalasutra or Thaali will be tied by the groom.The b/w tone here enhances the beauty of this wonderful moment that has been captured in amazing lighting.

Radiant Bride

Indian weddings are a grand affair by any standard. South Indian Iyer weddings are generally spread over 2 to 3 days and full of rituals that are full of meaning, color and excitement. This click depicts a beautiful Indian Bride getting ready to partake in the first of the rituals. Clad in a grand silk saree and wearing the traditional garland,  with minimum jewelry,  the bride exudes radiance.


Hand Design in IndiaMehndi [ originated from the Sanskrit word Mendhika] or Marudhaani as it is known popularly in the South of India refers to the traditional art of hand – painting using a paste of Henna. This practice dates as far back as the vedic period.  This art specific to and part of the rich Indian tradition involves making of a paste from Henna leaves and applying it using plastic cones to form intricate patterns and designs. The application of Mehndi is an essential part of any wedding or auspicious function and is conducted with great fanfare. Great skill and dexterity is required and it is a huge business opportunity for women with an artistic bent of mind.


The art of applying Mehndi is very popular in India and in recent times has caught the  fancy of the western world as well. Women abroad now love to sport tatoos made of Henna paste and love the orange – brownish tone it gives after the paste dries up. Applying Mehndi is said to cool down the body since the paste has medicinal value and can be referred to as an Indian version of a manicure. The  resultant color after removing the greenish paste can vary from bright orange to reddish brown hues depending on the body heat of a person. Mehndi is synonymous with brides who sometimes fill their entire forearm and feet with beautiful designs. At times lime and eucalyptus oil are applied to the surface of the skin to enhance the  color tones.


Intricate and beautiful Mehndi design drawn on the feet.


Artistic creativity at its best. Deft handling of the Mehndi cone can produce intrinsic designs such as this.